Bees in Georgia

Want to know more about bees?

Bees live in areas worldwide, and their presence cannot be overlooked in Georgia. Bees are vital to the ecologial aspect of blooming plants in the spring and summer, but also pose a threat to our homes and families in Georiga.

Types of bees in Georgia

bees in georgiaYou do not have to have lived in Georgia your whole life to know that there are bees almost everywhere you go during the summertime in Georgia. It is important to know the different types of bees, so you can be informed of the dangers that some species can pose to you and your family. The main species of bees in Georgia include the European honey bee, Carptenter bee, Africanized Honey Bee (killer bee), and Bumblebee.

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Types of bees to watch out for

Every species of bees have the ability to sting, the difference is the aggression of each type of bee. European honey bees and Africanized honey bees are very similar in appearance and behavior. Both species are approximately the same size and their color varies. Both types of bees have barbed stingers which only allow them to sting once, however the Africanized honey bee is very aggressive and will mercilessly sting it's prey in large numbers. Carpenter bees are not aggressive and only sting when handled. Bumblebees lack a barbed stinger, which allows them to sting more than once.

Where do these bees live?

Africanized honey bees and European honey bees live in colonies in hives in the wild. Do not pester the hives because the defensive actions of the bees are very dangerous. European honey bees are also kept in captive hives and utilized for their honey production. Bumblebees live in smaller numbers in ground colonies.Carpenter bees in Georgia mean pesky business for many homeowners, as they recieved their name because they build their homes in the wooden beams of buildings and houses.

What should you do to protect your family?

If there are colonies of bees in your yard or around your house, act quickly so you can ensure that none of your family is harmed by the bees. The safest thing you can do is call a professional, such as John's Pest Control! Professionals have the proper equipment and tools that can remove the colony safely and for good. If it is a honey bee colony, you should call a local bee keeper to relocate the bees. Most bee keepers will be glad to take the honey bees off your hands because the bees are a source of revenue for them.

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