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Nothing makes us happier than when our customers are truly satisfied once we have left their premises. Knowing they have peace of mind makes us have peace of mind.

By employing the best people and providing ongoing training we are constantly upgrading our performance to serve you better. This is why we offer an unconditional guarantee: If you are not satisfied at any point, we will refund your money and cancel your remaining contract. Our customers are 100% protected and our service is ALWAYS 100% GUARANTEED!

Friendly, prompt, reliable and professional!

From the start, dealing with John's Pest Control has been an absolute pleasure! Each and every time I have spoken with John Chipman or any of his office staff, they are always - without fail - very friendly, courteous and ready to help. It truly is a pleasure dealing with their company.

I first required the service of John's Pest Control because of an ongoing problem with rats in my home, that a pest control company I had been using up until that point had not yet been able to solve. So John Chipman came out and took a look and told me then and there what needed to be done and gave me a quote. I knew straight away that I was dealing with a professional who knew his business inside and out and I also noticed, with a very pleasant surprise, that his prices were better than anywhere else.

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Exemplary service from the start!

When we moved to Peachtree City, Ga. in the spring of 1989, John was just starting out on his own with John’s Pest Control and we were fortunate enough to be his first customer. From the very first visit we have has exemplary service, along with professional integrity and honesty. Whenever a issued arrived John was there either that same day or the next and took care of the matter.

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